I am truly humbled to be elected Worshipful Master of Union Lodge Number 5 for 2018. Our lodge will turn 255 years this year, and the weight of my responsibilities, as one of a select few to sit in the East is heavy. I know, with the help of you all, we will have a great year.

As with all incoming Worshipful Masters, my goals are probably loftier than time will allow, but I firmly believe in going big or going home. Our lodge needs to grow with more men, men that are moral and upright before G-d and of good repute before the rest of the world. I am requesting you bring friends to our Lodge to see what we Masons are all about, as well as updating our Facebook and Union Lodge Number 5 home pages. Brothers with technical skills will be most welcome to assist with updating our various portals.

I will also be looking to give back to those who have come before us. Helping our fellow Brothers and Widows, our own, with time and Brotherly friendship is a priority for me in 2018.

As a Lodge we have challenges and as Master of our Lodge I am prioritizing our work and labor towards solving what we can together. I cannot do anything without more hands and look forward to not just engaging side by side with you in labor, but also having some fun along the way. I know Fellowship nights may coincide with other Lodge meeting nights, but for all those who can make the off meeting Wednesday nights there will be games and Fellowship galore.

For me being a Freemason is very special, but mostly it’s about the men I associate with…my Brothers all.

I look forward to our time this year and to accomplishing our goals.

All my best,
David H. Cooper
Worshipful Master Union Lodge 2018

From the East January 2018

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