On the evening of January 15, 2020 the Brothers of Union Lodge No. 5 broke with years of tradition and shared a meal together after the Stated Communication. Lead by WB Cooper and SW Boon who left first for Bulls Head Diner, Brothers continued the slow journey out of the Lodge around 9:20 in the evening. The Treasurer, Junior Warden, Junior Steward followed close behind. The Worshipful Master who was the second to last Brother to leave the Temple would greet the Secretary who arrived last to the feast. Simple meals of Grill Cheese to full on Breakfast was had at the late hour of 10:20. The Brothers had the pleasure of breaking in a new server at the Diner and except for ice in my water her labors were excellent. Worshipful Master Gross is beginning his second year in the East and I am grateful to him for trying new things. If you have not been out to Union No. 5 for a while Join us the next three Stated Communications as WM Gross presents a in Lodge only education series sure to keep all of us interested. His trestle boards from last year were super informative and educational, this year he hopes to bring you out to the Lodge. Brothers needing assistance to travel please reach out to any of the officers and we will labor to make it possible for you to attend. Fraternally yours WB Domenic Corbo Secretary.

Worshipful Master Richard J. Gross begins successful test of Dinner after Stated Communication?

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